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We helped Fuzzies become one of the top selling infused pre-rolls with our "Hash King '21" Northern California campaign. Touring dispensaries in the region to educate bud tenders and consumers about Sublimes product line and the new "Hash King" pre-rolls. These pre-rolls are the king size version of the popular Fuzzies mini pre-rolls. Both versions are handcrafted in Oakland, California by a dedicated team of cannabis enthusiasts specializing in infused flower and coating each pre-roll with the finest extracts available on the market. The hash version of the pre-rolls are covered with ice water extract bringing that classic hash taste that connoisseurs both new and traditional are sure to love. The Hash King pre-roll weighs in a 1.5 grams of extract and flower unlike the classic fuzzies mini's which contain 0.8 grams of flower per pre-roll. Fuzzies hash pre-rolls are available in AK-47, Zkittlez and our favorite Maui Wowie. We had a great time assisting our Sublime/Fuzzies family rolling out their new product and encourage you to give the Hash King line a try if you haven't already.

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